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Sun Grove Montessori School Front

Welcome to Sun Grove Montessori School!

The staff, students, and Board of Directors have combined efforts to make our school and campus a warm and welcoming place to be, to work, to learn, and to visit. We hope you enjoy learning more about us through our website.

Sun Grove Montessori School supports the philosophy and teaching methods of Maria Montessori. As one of the founders of Sun Grove, it is my privilege and great honor to be a part of the great journey of life of our Montessori School.

I believe that a Montessori education is the best education for children, and it is our goal to make it available to the children of our community. I believe children have a great capacity to love and learn. I believe in respect for everyone, students and staff.

The reason that I have these beliefs is that I witness miracles everyday. I observe children working towards and achieving their goals daily, celebrating as they go. I see teachers put their hearts and souls into their work with the children. I watch the children as they benefit from these efforts and go on to be the best they can be. I receive reports on the accomplishments these children go on to attain.

Proud and supportive parents let us know when their child is valedictorian in high school or when he or she is accepted to the college of their choice. We are updated as children graduate from Harvard, Tuft University, University of Florida, Air Force Academy, Florida State University, University of Central Florida, New York University, Georgia Tech, University of Georgia, University of Miami, University of Central Florida, and the list goes on.

We have alumni who locally run their own businesses as CPAs, computer analysts, attorneys, builders, and work in health care as nurses, doctors, and administrators. Other Montessori students across the state and country work as NASA employees, teachers, environmentalists, designers, and more. Around the world, word comes to us of successful bankers as well as service men and women flying jets and helicopters in Iraq.

The best of all worlds is to work or to be in a Montessori School that supports this awesome journey of life in the Montessori way – to its fullest.

I invite you to visit Sun Grove Montessori School to experience this Montessori environment. I wish you well on your journey.

Barbara Scott, Founder
Sun Grove Montessori School

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A Montessori experience can:

  • Inspire a love of learning
  • Nurture curiosity and creativity
  • Introduce children to friends with similar interests and values
  • Lay the foundation for all later learning
  • Provide a place where home and school can work together

For more information, contact:

Sun Grove Montessori School
5610 Oleander Avenue
Fort Pierce, FL 34982
(772) 464-5436